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Pigeons are a nightmare for solar panels. Often called flying rats, pigeons like to roost under solar panels and can cause significant damage. The birds can interfere with wiring and hardware, resulting in expensive repair costs and lengthy maintenance times. Pigeons also make a big mess – their droppings foul the surface of the solar panels. That means they won’t work as effectively.

Pigeons and other birds make loud noises from your roof, which can disturb your sleep. They’re not great for peace and quiet. Many homeowners find them annoying to put up with daily, especially if you work from home.

That’s why you should be proactive when it comes to safeguarding solar panels. One of the best measures homeowners can take is bird proofing their roofs or wherever the solar panels are located.

Here at RS Pest Control, we’re experts at stopping pigeons and all types of birds from damaging your solar panels. We install nets and spikes to prevent pigeons from making nests under your solar panels. It’s not an easy job, that’s why it’s best to call in the experts. Roof work and any job at a height is dangerous. Our experienced teams come fully equipped with all the health and safety gear to ensure we can work safely on your roof. We’re insured to complete risky jobs – we’re the best team to hire when it comes to removing pigeons from your solar panels.

If pigeons have already nested on the property and are interfering with your solar panels, it’s best to get in touch immediately. Our experts remove bird nests safely and humanely, so no birds are harmed in the process.

Our team has years of experience installing netting and spikes to prevent pigeons from coming back. We safely implement the devices, ensuring you still have easy access to your solar panels when they require maintenance. We don’t want to turn your roof into a fortress that looks unattractive. That’s why we install any preventative measures with sensitivity and care – there’s no chance of us ruining your home’s aesthetic.

As always, it’s best to be proactive when it comes to protecting your solar panels. Why not prepare before pigeon nesting season begins? It’s great to make an early start and ensure your property and solar panels are safe from pigeons.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, we’ve got the ideal solution for your need. We tailor our measures to suit the situation and never impose a one size fits all policy. We take time to assess the problem and talk through options with you. That means you’re always in control and fully aware of the process. There won’t be any surprises or hidden costs with RS Pest Control. We’re dedicated to providing the best service to our customers for every case. Please read our reviews if you’d like to know what our customers think of our five-star service.

We offer free consultations and advice for homeowners and businesses. When it comes to removing pigeons from your solar panels, we’re the number one pest control service in Hampshire – operating across Portsmouth, Havant, Southampton and the surrounding area.

By choosing to go with us, you’re making a sound investment that pays off now and in the future. We get results fast, ensuring any pests are removed from your property. Also, our measures are guaranteed to prevent pigeons from returning to your solar panels. Rest assured, we offer return visits to your location to ensure the job is properly done – it’s all part of our five-star service.

If you’re worried about pigeons in your solar panels or want to protect your solar panels from any potential problems, please use our online contact form – use as much detail as possible to describe your situation. That helps us assess your needs more quickly to give you an accurate quote.

Our experts will decide what service you require – pigeon control, pigeon nest removal or pigeon deterrent solutions. Often, we use all three methods to ensure your solar panels are completely protected now and in the future.

We’re proud to offer extremely competitive prices for homeowners and businesses alike. You won’t find better value for your money. Solar panels are expensive and important pieces of hardware that need safeguarding. RS Pest Control have the ideal solutions to keep your solar panels safe from pigeons and birds.

If you prefer to speak to someone directly, please give us a call on 02394 190 822. We’re always happy to hear from you and will get back to you quickly if we don’t answer immediately. In emergencies, we’re available 24/7.

Choose RS Pest Control, and your solar panels will work perfectly without the threat of pigeons. If you want the best in the business, we’re the only choice.

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