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Silverfish Pest Control UK

Silverfish Pest Control

Silverfish are known to be attracted to damp and humid surroundings. An infestation can quickly become a serious issue as they will feed on most items within your home, from wallpaper to clothing. To avoid the spread of silverfish and protect your Havant or local Hampshire home or commercial property, we advise that you contact pest control as soon as you suspect an issue.

Silverfish are fast-moving insects and if left untreated, they can breed and spread through your home or business. As soon as you spot silverfish, please try to observe where they may be coming from and get in touch. There are several types of silverfish that may require different treatments. Let us help you remove the issue and any related stress.

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Steps To Get Rid Of Silverfish

As with any pest issue we treat, we make sure to take four main steps to ensure that the infestation is completely removed. The steps used to get rid of silverfish include contact, inspection, treatment and aftercare.

If you suspect a silverfish infestation, please contact us as soon as possible. These pests can cause serious damage to a property if left alone. At RS Pest Control, we are available 24/7 both online and over the phone. If you cannot get through to us, we will always call you back right away.

The second step includes inspection. This allows us to truly understand the nature of the infestation, helping us to locate the root of the problem. During this step, a member of our friendly team will visit your property in Havant or Hampshire so that we can create a bespoke treatment plan.

After we have finished inspecting your property, we can treat the silverfish infestation. If you require a pet or child safe method, please let a member of our team know. The treatments we use will be tailored to the severity of the issue.

Finally, we will offer aftercare advice and recommend preventive measures to avoid repeat infestation. For a silverfish issue, this may include using a dehumidifier and keeping your property extremely clean.

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Silverfish Pest Control Cost UK

Silverfish Infestation Removal Experts

Here at RS Pest Control, we are local silverfish infestation removal experts. Feel confident in our abilities knowing that we are part of the NPTA and listed in the Checkatrade directory. This ensures that we meet industry standards, dealing with your pest issue efficiently and appropriately.

We also have a detailed knowledge of Havant and the surrounding Hampshire areas, so you can be sure that any advice we offer is tailored to this expertise. If you would like to take a look at some of our five-star reviews, you can do so here.

Silverfish Treatment Prices

The price to get rid of silverfish can vary depending on many factors. This includes the severity of the infestation at your Havant property and the treatment plan put in place. With every infestation being of a different nature, it is important that we take the whole situation into consideration.

To get a price, please take a look at the form above. This short form will ask you the questions we need to know so that we can get back to you quickly and treat your home.

You may also fill in our online contact form or pop us a call on 02394 190 822. We are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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