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Rat Control Services Portsmouth

Rat Removal Services

A rat infestation can quickly become a serious problem. When rats find food and shelter, they will soon inhabit that area, even if it happens to be your home. Rats are known to breed rapidly, allowing the rat control issue to escalate rapidly. Once this happens, it can be incredibly hard to get the rat infestation under control, even for professionals. If you suspect you need rat pest control services, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Many of our customers first notice a rat control issue when they hear scurrying in the loft or wall cavities. They may also notice droppings on the floor.

It is not unusual to experience rat control issues within your car. By entering your vehicle on the underside, rats can cause serious damage to the engine and the internal wiring of your car. Our team can quickly provide rat control services, placing bait within the car in order to catch and remove the rodent. While this is being done, you can not use the vehicle. It is important that you get it checked afterwards by a mechanic for any dangerous damage.

Rats are very intuitive and often avoid DIY traps and bait. Professional rat control is the quickest and most effective method of rat removal. Ignoring a rat infestation can lead to serious health risks and also property damage. Our rat removal service provides you with inspection, treatment and prevention services. We also offer both package or single treatments. Our team will be happy to advise you on the best course of treatment when you first get in touch.

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Rat Control

Rat Control Solutions

Here at RS Pest Control, we take four steps to completely remove your rat infestation. The first step is contact: it is important that you get in touch as soon as you suspect a rat control issue, whether that is in the loft, your car or business. We are available 24/7 and will always return your call as soon as we can. In the event of an emergency, we can attend your property in as little as 60 minutes!

The second step is to assess your situation. Although this can sometimes be done over the phone, in more severe rat control situations, we may need to take a look around your property. By doing this, we can decide the best course of treatment, which can also usually be carried out on the day. We will make sure to attend your Havant property at your own convenience.

Step three includes treating the rat control issue. Our solutions will always be tailored towards your specific needs, whether that is to be discreet or pet-safe. While removing a rat infestation, we will always work with care to your home or business.

The final step involved in our rat control solution for Hampshire properties is aftercare. We will attend your home or business as many times as is needed to completely eradicate the problem. Where necessary, we will carry our rat proofing and deterrent measures. You are in safe hands with RS Pest Control.

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Rat Control Portsmouth

Safety Control Measures

At RS Pest Control, we understand that safety comes first. This is why all of our rodent control methods are child and pet safe. When required, we can also offer full reporting in compliance with health and safety regulations. Feel confident knowing that your rat control issue will be dealt with by experts. If you have any worries or concerns, please feel free to read our reviews. All of our customers are left completely satisfied with our rat control services.

Rat Pest Control Prices

Our rat control and removal prices are tailored to the need of your business or home in Hampshire. There are varies things that will be taken into consideration to decide your rat removal cost. This includes the severity of your rat infestation, the level of treatment needed, and any additional rat proofing services.

To get a rat removal cost, please get in touch with us today or call us on 02394 190 822. Our team would be happy to assess your situation, provide you with advice and quickly attend your property.


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