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Flea Control Havant and Hampshire

Flea Treatment Hampshire

Spotting fleas can be hard due to their small size; their bites are one of the main signs. They tend to bite ankles as they don’t have wings, so they are unable to fly. You may find the odd bite elsewhere if the fleas have attached themselves to furniture. Our team of experts can apply flea treatments to any affected area to remove them and prevent any fleas from returning to your Hampshire home or business.

Homeowners who have pets know that there is a chance that their animals may carry fleas into the home. Pets may transfer them onto their pet bedding or other furniture. DIY treatments may temporarily fix it, but our team can provide long-term solutions. We are qualified in all flea treatment measures and include a comprehensive service. We provide a primary assessment, treatment and preventative treatment.

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Flea Treatment Havant and Hampshire

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The problem with fleas is that they are so small, you may not know they are there at first. Not spotting them straight away gives them time to breed, and there will be an increase in pests. Managing fleas can become more complex as time goes on, so it is best to call in the experts. We can offer flea treatments to protect your Hampshire home or business no matter what stage you are at. 

We are happy to provide Havant homeowners with free flea treatment advice. We also offer free consultations for businesses in the local area. We suggest getting in touch through our online contact form and asking us any questions that you have. Alternatively, you can also ring us on 02394 190 822 to speak to a member of our team.

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