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Pest Control Brockenhurst

Pest Control Services in Brockenhurst

If your personal or business property in Brockenhurst urgently requires pest control services, you’ve come to the right place. If you fear that you are experiencing a pest infestation at your business or home, our expert team can help you tackle it very fast. How do we do this? We make sure we stand out from other pest control companies by using ethical procedures and up to date pest control technology that helps us help you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your work partners equally.  

Whether you’re looking for help with treating infestation by rats, mice, grey squirrels, rabbits, garden moles, seagulls, pigeons, wasps, hornets, bees, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, fleas, ladybirds, woodworms and silverfish, we’ve got the solution to help you keep your Brockenhurst property safe and pest-free. 

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Pest Control Brockenhurst

Full Service Local Pest Control

If you examine the pest control service structure of other companies, you will notice that it only consists of a single inspection followed by the pest control treatment. However, this does not guarantee that a re-infestation won’t occur in your Brockenhurst property. Simply put, our pest control services are divided into four steps: contact, inspection, treatment and aftercare. 

Firstly, we expect to hear from you after which we will ask you a couple of questions to understand what pest infestation you are dealing with. We will use our trained and professional staff to give you the most up to date tips on how to best tackle your Brockenhurst property’s specific incident. 

The inspection stage is the second and most careful procedure, and it can be done remotely through the phone or in real life when we visit your Brockenhurst home.

In the third stage, known as the treatment stage, our pest control team will help configure what the treatment should be. Whatever decision we end up taking will take into account your own situation, including the need to adapt to the presence of pets and small children. The more serious the infestation is, the more time we’ll dedicate to ensuring the treatment is working. 

Finally, we will provide you with sound aftercare advice to ensure that you do not suffer a repeat infestation. This step often includes proofing and deterrent services depending on what pest you were experiencing.

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Pest Control Prices Brockenhurst

Our pest control services vary in price depending on what pest infestation you have, its severity and the methods used to handle the pest control issue. To receive a free quote, please get in touch with us today. By filling in the online form at the top of the page, we will call you back on the same day.

By filling in our online contact form with as much detail as possible, we can get back to you quickly and attend your Brockenhurst home or business. Please let us know what signs of an infestation you are experiencing.

You may also call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 02394 190 822, if you have an emergency. We can reach your property within 30-60 minutes. With no hidden call-out fees, you can rely on us as your affordable local pest control experts.

We look forward to solving your pest control problem, and ensuring your living space is clean and safe.


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