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Benefits of Choosing RS Pest Control

If you are concerned that your Romsey home or business is suffering from an infestation, get in touch with us as soon as you can. If you leave the issue for too long, it can cause expensive damage and serious health risks.

We offer quick and effective pest control, removal and extermination services that can be used to return your Romsey building to its original state. Our team are completely qualified and highly trained, ensuring we complete the job in a timely and efficient manner.

Our team specialises in a broad array of different pest control services, helping with issues in both domestic and commercial issues. We offer services for the following problems:  ratsgrey squirrelsrabbitsgarden moles, mice, cockroaches, seagullspigeonswoodworms, waspsbeesbed bugsants, hornetsfleasladybirds,  and silverfish.

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Pest control prices Romsey

Efficient Local Pest Control

We want the pest control service to be as fuss free as possible for our Romsey customers. We don’t just eliminate the current problem, we want to reduce the risk of repeat infestation. Feel confident that your home, business or building will be vermin free.

The first step is to get in touch with us. We will ask you questions and help understand the issue you need to resolve. We will ask you the signs of the issue so we can identify what pest you have. We will impart advice on how to manage the issue until we arrive, so it doesn’t get any worse.

The second step is the inspection. This step allows us to understand how bad the issue is and the best way to resolve the pest problem. This step can often be carried out over the phone but sometimes we will need to see it in person.

The third step is the important one, treatment. We will customise our treatments to suit your Romsey property and your lifestyle. Let us know if children or pets will be on site, so we can use safe methods.

We will try to be as quick and hassle free as possible. We will try to carry out all the treatments in one visit. There is a chance we will need to do one then one day because it’s vital that the job is complete.

We also offer a fantastic aftercare service as the fourth step in our pest control process. We will recommend proofing and deterrent services to ensure the vermin problem does not return in the future.

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Pest Control Prices Romsey

Get a price on our pest control services today by filling in the online contact form at the top of our page. Let us know what your infestation problem is and we will get back to you with a price tailored to your needs.

Our team are also available 24/7 via phone on 02394 190 822 if an emergency occurred. We offer emergency call outs and can attend your Romsey building in 30-60 minutes. We are proud to have no hidden call-out fees and offer affordable prices. We look forward to hearing from you.


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