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Rat Control Services Portsmouth

Effective Rat Removal Solutions

Rats breed quickly. A few vermin can become a rat infestation that requires a serious rat pest control solution in a blink of an eye. Rats seek out shelter and food, both of which may be in plentiful supply at your home or property. Once they multiply, it becomes increasingly challenging to eliminate them from their new home, and things can rapidly escalate, leaving you facing a rat nightmare.

Therefore, it is essential to immediately contact us if you suspect you have a rat pest control problem in your Southampton home or business. The tell-tale signs of rats include scurrying noises in your basement, loft or wall cavities, and droppings left on the floor.

It is not unusual for rats to present a risk to your vehicle. Rats are known to enter cars by climbing through the undercarriage and can cause serious damage to your car’s wiring and mechanical functions. Our team of experienced experts can remove all traces of rats from your vehicle using professional baits and traps. Please remember you must hire a professional mechanic to check your car is safely operating after a rat pest control incident.

While many people try to remove rats using DIY devices, such methods are likely to prove ineffectual because rats are highly skilled at avoiding amateur traps. Any infestation requires professional rat pest control services; otherwise, the problem will only get more serious. If left to deteriorate, the dangers will become more severe, for rats carry disease and cause significant damage to property that is expensive to fix.

The most efficient and cost-effective rat pest control solution is hiring us to inspect your property and identify the right measures to counteract any dangers rats pose. We will get rid of the rat infestation and install preventative measures to ensure rats do not return. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you sort out your rat problem.

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Rat Control Southampton

Four-Step Measures To Remove Rats

RS Pest Control has a simple yet effective methodology to eliminate rats and the dangers they pose. We have formulated a four-step plan of action needed for effective rat pest control.

The first step is contacting us. Whenever you suspect rats have invaded your space, you must call us. We are available 24/7 and will get back to you as quickly as possible. In emergencies, our professionals can reach your Southampton property in under 60 minutes.

Assessment of the situation is the second step. We can do this over the phone if you understand the rat pest control problem you are experiencing. However, the more rats present at the location means we will likely dispatch a specialist to explore your property to make an extensive assessment. This enables us to effectively draw up measures to remove the rats safely at your convenience.

The third step is implementation of the rat pest control measure. The process itself is always formulated to meet your specific needs and situation. We take great care in carrying out rat pest control work in the safest possible manner, which is child and pet safe.

The fourth and final step is our rat pest control aftercare service. RS Pest Control is committed to getting the job done; that’s why we will return to your home or business as many times as it is required to remove all rodents. When applicable, our experts will install preventative rat pest control measures to ensure you, your family or colleagues are in a safe and healthy environment.

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Rat Control Portsmouth

Safety Control Measures

Our top priority is your safety, and everything we do has safety in mind. All our rat pest control measures are child and pet safe.

We offer full reporting in compliance with health and safety regulations.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing RS Pest Control is on the job. Our experts have got you covered and will find the safest, most effective solution for your rat problem. If you’d like to know more about what our customers think about our services, please read our reviews. All our customers are left completely satisfied with our rat control services.

Rat Pest Control Prices

Our rat control and removal prices are tailored to the need of your business or home in Southampton. There are various things that will be taken into consideration to decide your rat removal cost. This includes the severity of your rat infestation, the level of treatment needed, and any additional rat proofing services.

To get a rat removal cost, please get in touch with us today or call us on 02394 190 822. Our team would be happy to assess your situation, provide you with advice and quickly attend your property.


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