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bee nest removal southampton

Bee Nest Removal in Southampton

If a swarm of bees enters your home or business in Southampton, it’s never a good sign. Not only that, the reason that’s causing them to get in could be even worse. It’s because bees can find cavities inside and outside a building and, once they get comfortable, use it to nest and breed. As a result, you could be in need of a bee nest removal in Southampton.

If you do, then getting in contact with RS Pest Control is the best way to handle your bee nest removal in Southampton. Although bees are harmless, they can react if you start to provoke them. By working with professional bee removal experts to deal with the issue, we can make sure a beehive doesn’t develop further in your home or business in Southampton. We’re the ideal solution, and we can help with a range of pest-related issues.

At RS Pest Control, we offer safe bee nest removal services in Southampton. We’ll always look to keep everyone involved safe and protected, and we look to rehome bees wherever we can. And, as a professional pest control company, we have the experience you need to trust us with your bee nest removal in Southampton and Hampshire. We can reach your issue within 30-60 minutes in case of emergency!

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bee removal southampton

Bee Removal Process

Our bee nest removal process doesn’t only get the bees out of your Southampton home – it makes sure they don’t come back. With our simple process, we’ve made sure our bee removal service is not only quick, but complete. Once you get in touch with our team as soon as you suspect a bee infestation, we’ll be on hand to help. Make sure you contact us quickly, as the beehive will have less chance to grow.

Secondly, we carry out an inspection of the affected areas in your home or business. If we see a bee nest, we’ll begin working out the safest removal solution for your Southampton space. We make our bee removal plans bespoke to your needs, as well, meaning they’ll suit the severity of your infestation. From there, we’ll carry out the removal, making sure all methods are safe and ethical.

Finally, we don’t stop at bee nest removal in Southampton. We’ll also help with what comes after, providing aftercare advice and recommendations for proofing and deterrent services if you want or need them. Also, we rehome all the bees we remove from your home, taking care of protected species. At RS Pest Control, we love bees –  even when they’re causing a fuss!

Bees Nest Removal

Bee Removal Experts in Southampton

RS Pest Control is proud to be an expert in bee nest removal in Southampton and throughout Hampshire. With our bee removal service, we’ve been able to become part of the NPTA, and we’re listed on the Checkatrade directory too.  You can also see how other homeowners in the area have valued us by checking out our brilliant 5-star reviews on Google. Explore how our bee nest removal services are safe, quick and ethical for your home or business.

We’re also proud to provide bee removal services locally in Southampton and Hampshire. With our years of experience, we’ll get to the source of your problems and make sure they don’t reoccur. Our comprehensive service keeps bees away from your home, and rehomes them into the spaces where we value them. Why not get in touch to find out more or make a bee nest removal enquiry today?

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Bee Nest Removal Cost Southampton

If you want to see how much a bee nest removal will cost, please fill in our online form above. Just answer a few questions, and we’ll be able to work out a competitive quote that’s tailored to your needs.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our friendly team to find out everything there is to know about bee removal. You can reach our experts 24/7 via phone on 02394 190 822, and we can reach you in 30-60 minutes in an emergency!

We look forward to hearing from you at RS Pest Control.


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